Writer as Audience—Works in Progress

The more immersed I become in our work as motivational writers, the more differently I experience everything that has to do with the way we practice our craft. Currently, I’m on this rather intense jag about seeing things from the writer’s perspective rather than prematurely trying to connect with an audience. Part of me wants readers to work harder to understand us as writers, then I say, “Wait a minute. Do I want to do that when I read someone else’s work?” Then I realized this:

I think there is a sharp yet subtle shift that occurs when we’re writing together or on our own and then releasing our work to a public. This is part of the transformation from writer to author.

In other words, it’s making more and more sense to me that we should be our own first audiences in order to compellingly project the purposes that emerge in our writing to those with whom it will resonate. That’s the beautifully interactive part of the whole experience—in a sense, having readers pick up where we leave off once we publish our writing.

There is no “always” in any of this; it is not a call to vibe with every single writer. Instead, it is a standing invitation to write the books we want.

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