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Photograph by Frederick Douglass PerryPhotograph by Frederick Douglass Perry


I’ve come to think of what I do as motivational writing. I love everything about writing and through my work, I wish to help others rise above obstacles to completing their own fiction and nonfiction whether it’s a matter of finishing a first book or adding to a serious body of work. I hope writers’ personal experiences with motivational writing will, in turn, cause writers to inspire one another to produce their best work.

After writing three novels (Tanner BluePainted Deserts, and Members), a collection of short stories (Music for the Dream), and a trilogy of innovative approaches toward writing (Listening Out LoudA Friend to the Serious Writer; Write, Read, Listen–Your Handy Writing Coach, and Write the Book You WantBe Your Own Coach), I now wish to motivate others to write their books and feel good about the process. In particular, Write the Book You WantBe Your Own Coach can help you prove that you’re the only one who can and should speak for you.

This presentation of motivational writing consists of five concise chapters and a Room to Write appendix. Write the Book You Want is paced to balance guidance with your own active participation. In addition to encouraging you to write, it advises you to listen and read.  You are urged to adopt the Golden Rule of Reading. Read unto others as you want them to read unto you.

The goal is to feel so motivated and empowered by your relationship to writing that you naturally inspire others to complete their own work.

If you’re ready to begin, reflect on this question: If you’re serious about writing a book and determined to realize that goal, what is standing in your way? Dig deep if necessary and be honest about what you uproot.




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