Three Ways to Track Follow-up Items Efficiently

I’d like to share some particularly useful input from yesterday’s circle/intensive. It pertains to managing the various developmental details that arise in the course of writing a book.

  1. Use Word’s Track Changes feature or Google Docs’ Comments feature. In both cases, test that first tracked change or comment to make sure it’s saved. This is particularly important in Google Docs.
  2. Color code your follow-up items. Michelle CL shared this technique. Say you want to return to dialogue—maybe highlight that text in yellow. You get the idea.
  3. Create an end-of-file list. This is my personal favorite. As I write, I keep a list of themes and various details that need development at the very end of the manuscript file. You might find this handier than using an outline. One of my favorite things about the list is checking off items as I follow up. Eventually, the list disappears after each draft and ultimately, when the book is completely written it evaporates altogether. 🙂

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