Valerie Haynes Perry
Motivational Writing™ Coach

It’s my pleasure to sit with the writers in our circle; I learn so much from listening to you. 

Valerie’s abilities as a writing coach and group facilitator are inspired by compassion, humility, and an expansive understanding of the English language. Her open-minded approach welcomes all serious writers, regardless of genre or writing style. From the very first time I communicated with Valerie, I was able to feel the deep passion and care she has for both my work and her own. Interacting with Valerie has helped me develop more honesty in my words and grow closer to identifying my internal compass as a writer.   ~Kyle Kesses

Whether I am having a personal conversation with Valerie or reading my writing out loud to our circle, I am ever impressed with Valerie’s ability to listen. Each person in our circle is so individual in how they express themselves.  Valerie is able to really hear and “get” each one of us. She is a gracious, focused listener and she provides an encouraging, trustworthy voice of guidance.  Within the structure of our circle, I am watching myself transform from a haphazard, “sometimes-writer” to someone who is actually writing a book. How exciting is that? ~Agi Ban

As a longtime writer, I’ve been part of more than a few writing groups. Valerie Haynes Perry’s Motivational Writer’s Circle is quite unique.  Instead of focusing on our audience as writers, Valerie changes the focus to our own valuation of our work. With her warm support and insight into the creative process, she leads the writer to fully own their voice.  This is profoundly empowering.
~Michelle Chun LeRoy

yes - notepad & penI am still in awe over our meeting at the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley, which to me was anything, but happenstance. What an amazing and powerful conversation! Your book, Write the Book You Want: Be Your Own Coach has not left my side since you placed it in my hands. By sharing your direct experiences and struggles in editing, you not only make the writing process real, you provide a solid platform from which all writers can choose to soar. The tools are clearly outlined. Read. Listen. Think. Write. From beginners to those more advanced, all will find guidance and validation to move forward with confidence in their craft.

Feathers fascinated me as a child, so the imagery of the perfectly imperfect quill on the cover hits home to me. The feathers on the left side look like a beautiful, seamless plume–maybe what we wish our writing to be, but the strands on the right, while still pretty, look like they have been somewhere, and done something; they have become separated from the rest, a bit worn for the wear, but even more fascinating.
~Daring to dream, Mia

yes - notepad & penValerie’s workshops challenge you in a way that is necessary for a writer. I enjoy her workshops because she chooses people who are supportive and encouraging to participate and provide feedback. She provides a safe place where everyone can feel validated as a writer, regardless of where they are in their journey. I also appreciate her creating a book specifically to encourage novice writers to get comfortable sharing their works/blurbs with the world. I’ve gotten a lot from her workshops and her writing guides. ~Danita Eason

yes - notepad & penWorking with Valerie has been such a blessing. She creates a safe space for her writers to feel comfortable sharing their writing in addition to taking and offering useful feedback. Being part of one of her writing circles has increased my confidence, not just as a writer, but also with reading my work out loud and not feeling self-conscious when sharing it with people. Her book, Write, Read, Listen—Your Handy Writing Coach, is also one-of-a-kind. It provides innovative tips to enhance your writing style.
Through working with Valerie and reading her material, I can say, as a young woman, I am starting to find my voice. Thank you, Valerie!
~Chelsea Lyons

yes - notepad & penValerie Haynes Perry has a unique gift as a writing coach and I highly recommend her books and writing circles to anyone interested in enhancing their writing. I’m grateful to Meetup.com for introducing me to her circles and continue to come back for the great atmosphere she fosters to make compelling work. Valerie is a highly insightful, genuinely giving, and creative individual. This comes through in the personable way she mentors writers and provides constructive feedback that truly connects with the heart of their message. I’m beyond fortunate to have her as a mentor and editor through the completion of my first novel and trust that she is guiding me to my best work, as she does for all in her company. 
~Yodassa Williams
yes - notepad & pen My first meeting with Valerie Haynes Perry took place during her Listening Out Loud workshop. I didn’t know what to expect and I anxiously hoped that attending would be worth it. I felt in need of a professional and safe writing community. What I found with Valerie and the various writers who gathered around her, has proven to be much more. It has been life changing and goal defining for me. Valerie is such a positive person. Her passion for writing is very infectious and motivating. Her feedback is priceless. The prompts that she shares in the workshops are thought provoking and appropriately adaptable to my various writing projects. I definitely feel more productive and confident in my craft, thanks to her empowering, yet honest and applicable feedback. I know that meeting Valerie is an integral component of my journey in becoming a published author. Valerie is an amazing writer, teacher, mentor, and a fellow writing comrade in this mountainous, booby-trapped battlefield of tasks, such as putting thought to word; ink to paper; completion; and publishing. ~Taisa Grant

yes - notepad & penFew embody the art of listening like Valerie Haynes Perry. Not only a skilled writer, Valerie also has the tremendous gift of listening far beyond written or spoken words. Her observations are profoundly perceptive, calling her fellow writers more deeply into the meaning and possibility of their writing.  Whether working individually with Valerie or as a member of a group, I have experienced and witnessed writers of all levels benefiting from the safe and attentive ambiance that she creates.
~Donna Gianoulis