Creating What We Value

We concluded last weekend’s immersive Motivational Writing™ Circle and intensive by responding to a question posed by Vicki B:

What are our visions for our writing?

In some form, each of us expressed a deep desire to create what we value. We discussed a profound awareness that there is a void in the vast world of books that we each seek to fill in our own unique and meaningful way. This mindset is an excellent opportunity to practice balancing the importance of reading profusely and avidly as a means of enhancing what we offer as serious writers, with writing from our own experiences, perceptions, and truths. In other words, the more we read, the more likely we are to read like writers. When we do that, we are able to understand our tastes and map our learning to creating what we value in our own written work.

By balancing our serious writing with carefully reading the published work of others, we stay in touch with ourselves and each other through that mysterious and miraculous force that we answer when it calls.

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