This topic has recurred on occasion, and today, it’s ready to speak. It shows up in the form of thanking each writer in our circle for your presence, most recently last weekend, and also via email. Since then, you have inspired, motivated, helped, and led me to the certainty I’m experiencing in this moment about where to place my energies as a writer. In a short span and space, I’ve let go of trying to writing a meaningful book about the principles and practices of Motivational Writing. I’ve also let go of writing a sequel to Members. A dear friend had strongly suggested that I write the sequel, and after exploring several key themes, I can say, “Enough of that is enough.” My friend will understand.

As part of all this letting go, I’ve reconnected with a story that I started in 2012 that in this moment feels like the perfect vehicle for what I need and want to write. In the course of re-devoting to this project, I’ve had to replace the name of the main character. At first, I considered that it might be male, then, heeding the wisdom of “writing about what we know,” a woman’s voice felt more authentic. All she needed was a name. She introduced herself to me moments ago, and she looks forward to doing the same with you in our upcoming circle. I was certain she would tell me when she was ready.

It is beyond gratifying to witness the certainty that I feel in all of us as we coach ourselves toward writing the books we want.

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