Autumn Singing

Birds are talking
like it’s spring

Autumn Alignment with the Sun

“It’s a star!” M’appelle remembered
while one solid beam of light
lifted her lids, slowly
making her feel completely
in alignment with the sun

Autumn Rain and Mist

All around
clouds on hills
only look like snow
Autumn rain and mist arrive
At least that’s true, for now

Autumn: Breezy Palms Applaud

Doze on the veranda
in the streaming sun
Dogs listen
Birds murmur
breezy palms applaud

Autumn Falls Unnoticed

The gray cat
stops and poses
like a sphinx
Autumn falls unnoticed

Autumn Look at That!

Look at that!
See the light illuminate
the redness of those leaves
the amber smoothness
of an old façade
Feel the glow
of everything
that loves

Autumn Leaves Like Cinnamon

Autumn leaves like cinnamon
Sunshine glazed and bronze
Windmills waving in a breeze
that roams and rests so near

Autumn Cool and Warm

M’appelle steps in
Cool and warm
Sun on her face
Wind at her back
Swimming, reflecting
Smiling at today.

You can listen:

Autumn Light and Blue

The sun shines softly on her face, showing off its light.

The smoke has blown itself away and ushered in more blue.

M’appelle is free to travel more, grateful she can breathe.

All around her, birds converse calling our her name.
Throughout the day, she’ll walk with warmth—all things feeling new.

Autumn Smoke

M’appelle was named after a maple leaf—her birthday was the same as autumn’s.  She walked everywhere, thinking, “Look at that,” her sight filled far beyond her eyes. In the south, pomegranates ripened. A wind blew from the west,  shoveling a shore of smoke. Eastward, a pair of two-pound crows walked and soon, their feathers fanned the air.  In the distance, blazes fumed, stopping M’appelle’s footsteps. The blueness of the sky obscured.  Both arms raised, M’appelle stirred air with fingertips, touching ten tall rays of silent sun.  The sky revealed more blue.

Everything meant something and something, too, meant everything.