Motivational Writing™ Coach

After writing three novels and a collection of short stories, I reflected on how to share my love of the writing process with other serious writers. That reflection has resulted in The Writers’ Trilogy, which conceived the practice of motivational writing:

Motivational writing is the practice of being a serious writer; completing works in progress; and encouraging fellow motivational writers.

During the summer of 2016, I had a table at the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley, California. I shared that surface with a dear friend who had just published her first novel; I was there to get the word out about my seventh book: Write the Book You Want—Be Your Own Coach. A very nice woman showed us to our booth. When I asked her, “Are you a writer?” she blushed. I gave her a copy of my book, and she cried.

The very first person to appear in the vicinity of our table was a woman who has since become a kindred spirit. The morning was Berkeley-chilly with the promise to warm up. Early on, I learned that if I could make eye contact with a passerby, I could ask them “the question.” Then, if they took just one step toward our table, we could have a conversation. By making it that far, a wealth of positive experiences were possible.

The kindred spirit said things that were echoed in many engaging chats that transpired over the two-day book festival. It was very uplifting to witness passersby transform into writers during the timelessness of mere minutes. The tentative, “I like to write,” often evolved into, “Yes, I’m a writer. I’d like to buy a copy of your book!”

I was so deeply moved by my exchanges with writers over the weekend of the book festival, that immediately, I wanted to find a way to continue the positivity of that experience. Before too long, the concept of Motivational Writing™ entered my consciousness. I searched the term on the Internet and did not find it, so I welcomed its originality wholeheartedly into my life.

As this divine experience simmered, I wandered onto and decided to begin a Motivational Writing™ Circle there. A few writers RSVPed, and I reached out to others I knew from holding writing circles in the past. I had the good fortune to find lovely local venues. We got started and we continue, currently, as a solid core of 13 serious motivational writers—myself included. Thanks to three of the writers in our circle, we are national!

Motivational Writing™ Circle

In our circle, we place complete emphasis on the individual writer’s intentions for her or his work; with each meeting, we ease one another toward the clarity required to guide our work from beginning, through the middle, and to completion. The uniqueness of our circle rests with deep listening in order to understand and amplify the writer’s intentions rather than offer subjective critiques. We constantly keep in mind what will best serve the work so that by the time a writer has become an author, she or he has fulfilled their purpose.

We follow these four simple practices:

  1. Reading aloud.
  2. Expressing our feelings about what we read aloud
  3. Sharing the working title when it emerges.
  4. Offering specific or general input as indicated by each writer.

We use Write the Book You Want—Be Your Own Coach as our foundation:

I also write fiction.