Motivational™ Writing

After writing three novels and a collection of short stories, I reflected on how to share my love of the writing process with other serious writers. That reflection has resulted in The Writers’ Trilogy, which conceived the practice of motivational writing:

Motivational writing is the practice of being a serious writer; completing works in progress; and encouraging fellow motivational writers.

Motivational Writing™ Circle

In our circle, we place complete emphasis on the individual writer’s intentions for her or his work; with each meeting, we ease one another toward the clarity required to guide our work from beginning, through the middle, and to completion. The uniqueness of our circle rests with deep listening in order to understand and amplify the writer’s intentions rather than offer subjective critiques. We constantly keep in mind what will best serve the work so that by the time a writer has become an author, she or he has fulfilled their purpose.

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